It can be hard to know where to start with being low waste. Often times you just have to start small by making changes in your daily habits. Making simple sustainable swaps not only saves the environment, but your wallet too.

With an estimated $218 billion worth of food wasted in American schools each year, here are a few ways to head back to school without producing waste.


2. Sustainable Lunch Box

Opt for metal or glass food containers. Metal is better if you have young children or simply want a container that is lightweight. Their three-in-one box is the perfect size for a full lunch that you can purchase here. The founder of ECOlunchbox started the company with the goal of eliminating plastics from “their kids' lunchboxes to reduce their exposure to the leachy toxins commonly found in such products, as well as do the right thing for Mother Earth.” Any lunchtime items you need, they have them!


3. Reusable Straw

Reusable straws are super easy to throw in your bag! No only will you prevent plastic straws for ending up in our oceans, but you be walking back to school in style. You can find them on Amazon, but we suggest getting them from a store like Earth Hero or a local shop where they won’t come wrapped in plastic.


4. Reusable Silicone Bags

No more plastic baggies! These Stasher bags will replace the need for ever using plastic baggies. These are easy to wash and come in many different sizes. There you can also find on Earth Hero’s website. Not only can these be used for food, but also as a replacement for makeup or travel bag.


5. Glass or Stainless Steel Water Bottle

It goes without saying that we use too many plastic water bottles a day, many of which don’t get recycled. Using your own glass or stainless steel water bottle will not only saves the planet but your wallet.